Why Rent?

  • No up-front investment. We purchase the mats for you!
  • Wide selection of colors and sizes
  • Custom designed logo mats
  • Safety slogan mats available
  • Improve safety by protecting against slippery areas
  • Improve the professional appearance of your facility
  • Reduce janitorial expense by limiting the amount of soil tracked into your building

Why Not Buy Your Own Mats And Clean Them Yourself?

Here’s why…A properly processed mat is like a sponge, with nylon fibers that stick up and are designed to trap sand and soil between the fibers . As the mat is walked on, these fibers are compressed, trapping sand and soil in the mat and preventing it from being tracked onto your expensive floor coverings. During processing, these fibers are again fluffed back up to repeat the cycle.

Attempting to clean mats with a vacuum, hose, or carpet machine does not restore these fibers, preventing the mat from performing properly. Improperly processed mats often become just an anti-slip device and often actually harbor bacteria.

We Proudly Provide Mats Manufactured in the USA by Mountville Mills.

Why Mountville?

In 1990, we were impressed by Mountville’s ability to produce a high quality product that stands the test of time. Using a durable nitrile rubber backing and course nylon fibers, these mats will protect your floors for years.

All of Mountville’s mats that we provide are NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) High-Traction Certified; and are in complete compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992).

You can rest assured knowing our mats are keeping your staff and your customers safe.

Classic Mats

A well placed Mat will provide excellent floor protection, keep your staff and customers safe, and and add to the atmosphere of your establishment.

We have a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit your unique needs!

Our mats can have a cleated backing to grab carpet and rough floors, or a smooth back for a perfectly flat floor. 

Make A Great First Impression, With A Customized Logo Mat!

Advertise on the first thing your customers see when they walk in the door, The Floor!
Logo Mats are a great way to present your image or promote a brand!

Our wide range of mats will help you to keep your floors clean in all areas of your facility.

No one likes dirty public restrooms. Make use of our restroom mats to keep water and other undesirable soils off your floors to keep your restrooms spotless. 

Don’t Just Protect Your Floors! Protect Your Staff And Customers Too!

Wet, greasy, and icy floors can be a huge hazard in our workplaces. Fortunately we have Rubber Mats to combat these Dangerous conditions!

Keep your Staff Happy with Anit-Fatigue mats

Increase employee comfort and productivity all with one mat!

According to OSHA, standing on an Anti-Fatigue mat increases productivity by 25-50%!