Towel Rental: All You Need To Know!

When it comes to keeping your business clean, you’re going to need towels.

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you do it, you need something to clean with.

This asks the question, do you buy your own towels or do you rent them?

Towel rental service from Apparelmaster Blue Ribbon is the clear choice.

Zero up-front investment.

With our service, there is no need to purchase your own towels. We provide them for you! If towels get lost, damaged or you just need more, no problem! We will get them for you. There is no need to try and fit buying more towels into your busy schedule!

Always have quality towels ready.

With use, all towels begin to wear out. Holes begin to form and stains start to set. If you own your towels it’s something you have to deal with. But, with our towel service, we have a strict grading process we follow. As our towels are hand folded, any that don’t meet our high standards are pulled out. When you reach for one of our towels you know it will be of the highest quality possible.

Use your time where it’s needed most.

Processing towels yourselves takes time and money that is much better spent on your business and customers. Leave the the processing to us and keep your business running smoothly!

When it comes to cleaning, we do it better.

Your household washing machine and laundry detergent may do a great job on your clothes; but when it comes to grease and oils from a kitchen or a shop, it just doesn’t cut it. When you use a terry towel in a food processing situation, you are filling it with heavy fats, greases and oils. Your laundry detergent at home can only really succeed in removing a little of it. However, it does a great job of spreading the rest across all of your towels and the inside of your washer. This is what’s called redeposition.

Over time (sometimes not a lot of time) redeposition builds up in towels, and they will become highly flammable. Several of our current customers have decided to rent towels after having a fire in either their homes or businesses.

Here at Apparelmaster Blue Ribbon we have worked long and hard to get excellent results from our industrial washers using very high temperature water and a perfect balance of wash chemicals. Our towels come out white and practically new.

 Convinced a Towel rental service is for you? Check out our Towels & Aprons page to see what we have to offer. Then Contact us to get started!